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Jan. 14, 2019

Abington Heights - 2019 Market Update + Buyer Info

Message to buyers of NEPA - interest rates, absorption rates, and general info.




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Jan. 11, 2019

NEPA Boomcast Episode #02 - Attorney John Novak


NEPA Boomcast #02 - Attorney John Novak .. Local old forge/taylor Injury Attorney uncovering some general information about how he got started with his career and advice if your injured. Check it out!! #boom 👊




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Jan. 5, 2019

Top 10 Realtor in 2018



So 2018 Was Another CRAZY year for me...

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Dec. 24, 2018

NEPA Boomcast Episode #01 - The Pilot

Phil Godlewski - Broker/Co-Owner of The Agency Real Estate Group

Hey Guys, after an accumulated vote to start something like this from everyone here - NEPA Boomcast was created. This is Episode #01. A Pilot for the Future. Episodes will get better both visually & audibly. We are exciting to start working with more owners and get their stories out.


NEPA Boomcast is a pod/video-cast that was created to get stories of local business owners, artists, and entrepreneurs front and center. We were sick of seeing our local news stations not giving the amount of attention people deserve. 
In the small community we live in where many businesses are just starting up, or people have forgotten about them, I hope this helps in any way it can.


#boom 👊

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Dec. 16, 2018

Abington Heights Best Realtor

Thank you to everyone who came here and voted. This is a big deal for me as this is also my home town. Thank you again for voting!!





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Dec. 14, 2018

Quick and efficient sale of my home

Thank you Mike for the quick and efficient sale of my home. Your individual attention and quick responses were also greatly appreciated!

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Dec. 8, 2018

Get Involved!

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Dec. 6, 2018

Christmas Giveaway!!!!!!

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Dec. 4, 2018

Abington Heights School District

One of the main questions I get on a daily basis is how the market is. What's the market doing? When is the best time to list a house? RIGHT NOW is the best time to list a house and I'll tell you why.

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Dec. 3, 2018

Great, easygoing personality, making us feel comfortable and at ease

Mike was extremely thorough and meticulous with all aspects of the real estate transactions. Mike also has a great, easygoing personality, making us feel comfortable and at ease.

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